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Sonic is upgraded from perform to outperform: http://www.tickerspy.com/newswire/?p=3402


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How do you keep traffic up in the the winter — especially in cold weather markets. I’ve actually had several people mention Sonic closings to me. Anybody else?


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The first is a job posting for Sonic Supervisor/General Manager in Mississippi. Maybe the reason the service is so good is because the Managers share in the profits. The second is an article with the founder of Chipotle. They have an interesting manager incentive program. They get a bonus for every crew member they hire that goes on to become a manager.



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This is definitely a company I want to work with, this is awesome:

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They’re building a new Sonic right across the street from me in Menlo Park, NJ! I couldn’t be any more excited. Last year I drove 2 1/2 hours to get to the closest Sonic in Waretown, NJ, and now it’s walking distance!

Nothing beats coming home after work and being able to pick up a Footlong Quarter Pound Coney with a Coke and an M&Ms Sonic Blast!

I’m counting down the days…


Frank- New Jersey

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Even being outspent by major competitors, Sonic has created a significant amount of online discussion. The brand has generated more blog chatter than Burger King and is a approaching McDonald’s level. This is certainly a huge asset that can be leveraged in Sonic’s marketing strategy.

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