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202 Hall Road, Seagoville, TX 75159

We live in Frisco, Texas (Dallas area) and have four kids, aged four and under (I know, right?), and most weekends we’ll send either the older two or the twins to the grandparents, as they live a couple hours away.  It gives us a needed break, allows for some more one-on-one’ish time with just four of us, and of course, the grandparents love the time they get to spend with whichever group comes out.

Normally, we’ll meet them halfway along the way, which has, up until this past trip, been a conveniently located McDonalds.  It’s close to the highway, and the kids like going there, as they enjoy the toys with their meals, and of course the indoor playground.  I was interested to see how they would do sitting outside at a Sonic, mainly with no playground.  So, this past weekend, when I went out to meet the grandparents and pick up the two kids, I had them meet me at the Seagoville Sonic, a few miles before the McDonalds.  Much to my surprise, and delight, it went over with flying colors.  My oldest son, and pickiest eater, actually raved about the grilled cheese… telling me how much he liked “this” bread (compared to the home version), and he even tried, and liked the mozzarella sticks… un-be-liev-a-ble!  At one point he even said “THIS place has toys, TOO?!

All in all, it was better than I could have hoped for.  I much prefer sitting out in the cool Texas evening air as a family, at this small town Sonic, instead of eating in the car, eyes glued to the DVD player.  And, although the effort and distance our server traveled to get from the front door to our patio table did in no way warrant a $4 tip, his unyielding smile, beaming positive attitude, and genuine desire to make sure you were being taken care of certainly did.

I think we’ve found our new meeting place… too bad for Grandad… as it’s about 20 more minutes drive for him L

~Steve – Frisco, TX




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So on Satuday, October 23 I visited the new Sonic location that is being built on Lafeyette Road in Edison, NJ.  I’ve watched them build it little by little for the past few weeks, and they’re almost finished!  On Saturday I was able to talk to the manager who is opening this new Sonic.  She told me this is one of a number of Sonics that she owns in New Jersey, and she’s hoping they spread like wild fire!  Attached are some of my pictures.  I’m trying to get my cousin a job there so we’ll see how it goes!  Maybe he can get me some free Sonic Blasts!

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FYI Team,
McDonald’s announced 3rd Quarter earnings earlier today. They remain on a remarkable run reporting Q3 comparative sales in the U.S. +5.3% and global sales of +6%. According to Jim Skinner, CEO, they are starting off the final quarter of 2010 positively and are projecting October sales of +5 to +6%. The latter is pretty amazing considering the same promotion, “Monopoly” has run for the last  6 years.  The brand is on par to complete their eighth consecutive year of positive comp growth.

Following are the WSJ link and some key bits from the McDonald’s website:

Marketwatch: McDonald’s Profit Rises By 10%

McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE: MCD) today announced strong results for the third quarter driven by growth across all areas of the world.
“McDonald’s customer focus, menu innovation and the ongoing modernization of our restaurants continue to drive our business momentum,” said Chief Executive Officer Jim Skinner. “For the third quarter, we grew comparable sales and customer visits around the world and delivered increased profitability. As we continue to invest in our business and extend the McDonald’s brand, I am confident that we will create even more ways to satisfy consumers looking for high quality, great tasting food that’s convenient and affordable.”

McDonald’s U.S. continues to drive increased sales and traffic through customer-focused initiatives that provide variety and value. In the third quarter, the nationwide promotion of McCafe Frappes and Smoothies, McDonald’s classic core favorites and the everyday affordability of the Dollar Menu were key contributors to the segment’s robust comparable sales growth and 7% increase in operating income.

-Mel Smart

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Local area teachers receive funding through Limeades for Learning


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My dinner craving tonight was something way beyond ordinary. As I pulled up to Sonic and looked over the photos on the menu board, something about the Super Sonic Breakfast Burrito spoke to me. Was it the jalapenos? Perhaps, but that’s a story for another time. Sausage, eggs and cheese are pretty normal for a breakfast burrito, but this one also packed in onions, tomatoes, tater tots and those vocal jalapenos. Yes, tonight I was having breakfast for dinner and it was pure awesomeness. The side order of extra tater tots was a must. There’s something about those tots that are terribly addicting. My wife had the Chicken Wrap so I tried a bite of that too. It was a great cooling off alternative to my jalapenos with the lettuce, tomatoes and ranch dressing. One thing we noticed was that the crew was very attentive to keeping the dining area clean. When they weren’t serving customers, each carhop was taking turns sweeping the lot, wiping down tables or polishing up the menu boards, all while on their skates. All in all, it was a great Breakfast-Dinner, or would that be Breakinner?

~John – Plano, TX

Photos from 6104 Chase Oaks Boulevard, Plano, TX 75023:

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