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So on Satuday, October 23 I visited the new Sonic location that is being built on Lafeyette Road in Edison, NJ.  I’ve watched them build it little by little for the past few weeks, and they’re almost finished!  On Saturday I was able to talk to the manager who is opening this new Sonic.  She told me this is one of a number of Sonics that she owns in New Jersey, and she’s hoping they spread like wild fire!  Attached are some of my pictures.  I’m trying to get my cousin a job there so we’ll see how it goes!  Maybe he can get me some free Sonic Blasts!

So Karl and I decide to take the train to Boston to check out the new – and what we understand to be the highest volume – Sonic in the country. Having spent the majority of my teens through early 20’s in Oklahoma, it’s a little hard to imagine Sonic being a new concept. However, also having lived in Boston for several years, I absolutely could identify with the excitement around the idea of having Sonic come to the area. Geez, I missed it when I was there.

So, train to BBY, then rental car and GPS took us down the woodsy, windy road that is the Wilmington area. Once we started scouting the trading area, it was clear why a new Sonic would be big news – (and a local blog confirmed it) there’s not much there in terms of fast food. There’s an ancient-looking Burger King on Lowell Street just off I-93 and down the road, McDonald’s sits right next to the new Sonic. That’s it, no Taco Bell, Wendy’s, KFC, etc that we could see.

And let’s be frank, the McDonald’s too looks ancient. Having worked on the McDonald’s account for over 10 years and specifically in New England, I know that the Boston area was the oldest Region in the country in terms of physical plant age. From the looks of this McDonald’s, not much has changed. Just goes to show you that you don’t need a shiny exterior, cushy chairs and flat screens when you’re the only game in town – I too remember this particular location doing very well.

Anyway, let’s talk about Sonic. Because officially it was “brunch” time, Karl ordered the Steak & Egg Breakfast Burrito, tots (of course) and a cherry limeade. He loved everything. I wanted to try something from the $1 Value menu since we haven’t had a Sonic near to try it. I ordered the Jr Breakfast Burrito and my standard Vanilla Diet Coke with lime. Oh, and Karl wanted me to be sure to point out, he likes how the order screens are placed so you can see both clearly from the front seat, a plus.

I thought the portion size on the Jr was perfect and a great value for just a buck. The 9-item Value Menu was pretty impressive considering the number of “value” menus out and the fact that depending where you are, there may or not be anything legit that is $1 – more often its, starting at $1.

While we were waiting for our food (which wasn’t long) we checked in on Foursquare. We couldn’t believe how many positive – and some downright giddy – tips there were about “the best thing to happen in Fast Food in this area.”

Our Carhop, Matthew, was terrific. Was a bit nervous when we first started explaining our quest, but then warmed up and offered us directions to the Peabody location – believe me, in the land of roundabouts and u-turns, they were needed.

So, at Sonic stop #2, we were served by Brandon. This kid was awesome and didn’t have a shy bone in his body. Loved “the quest.” It was Brandon who proudly proclaimed that the Wilmington Sonic was “#1 in the country!” After taking a pic, he must have handed the Merkley card to the manager because a few minutes later, she skated up to our window to make sure everything was delish. Or maybe it was just genuine interest – better yet!

Not everything was perfect we’ll admit. This time, we tried the new featured Southwest Spicy Burger and I had a regular #1 cheeseburger (my old favorite). The burgers weren’t as hot as they have been in the past. I can remember opening that foil pack to steaming bun, melty cheese, etc. but the last few times it’s not been the case. Karl still liked his burger thanks to the delicious build, but they weren’t as stellar as some of the other items. And I tried another $1 Menu item, the Jr Frito Chili pie wrap and I’m not sure who’s idea it was but I’d like to shake his or her hand. Well done. Again, perfect size for me and well worth a buck!

Welcome to Massachusetts Sonic – looks like they’re ready for you!

Mel & Karl

M+P found a delicious way to spend this past weekend, making Merkley’s Sonic 100 challenge number jump from 30 to 90!!!

Merkley employees brought their friends and family members to enjoy Sonic’s all across the country. Check out our new count, by state:

90 stores and counting!!

With 5 days left and ten stores left to visit- we’re right on track. Check out some photos from our Sonic Weekend Blitz!

Two Sonic virgins hit NJ. And worth the trip. The skating service was delightful. The tater tots rocked. The Chicken Wrap, Hamburger and BLT Toaster hit the spot. The limeade was damned tasty. But the absolute winner, hands down….the carmel shake. Had me licking the cup. So delicious. So creamy. So yummy. NJ – we’ll be back.

@ Sonic, Wilmington, Massachusetts
We’re just a few miles outside Boston but everyone’s welcome at Sonic, no matter which team they root for!

Thursday was a cold and rainy day. Not typical weather for sunny Southern California. We knew that our building was coordinating a fire drill with the Costa Mesa fire department, and none of us was looking forward to walking down 11 flights of stairs. “I have a solution!!” I exclaimed. “We’re going to Sonic for tots!”

Becca and I jumped in in the hot rod and we sped down MacArthur in search of the fabled “Dr. Pepper with Vanilla and Cherry.” We pulled into the first stall (bay? parking spot?) and were confounded with all of the menu options. I had disregarded previous advice to check the website before going and was now regretting it. After what seemed like minutes (three of them, in fact) I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich for my co-pilot and a SuperSONIC Cheeseburger for myself. Both with tots and cherry-spiked-cokes.

In only a few minutes, we were greeted by little angels on roller skates. Sarah, Ashley and Meghan brought us the best burger and tots that I’ve had since 5th grade at St. Paul’s in Detroit. We loved eating lunch in the car, wolfing down hot burgers on a cold day (well, we did have the heated seats to keep us warm!), the unexpected and appreciated friendliness of the Girls on Skates, as well as the personal visit from Barry, The Manager. On his advice, we ordered a four-pack of Dr. Pepper with Vanilla + Cherry cokes to take back to the office for those lucky enough to be a part of the fire drill.

The SuperSONIC is one of the best burgers that I have ever had. I am quite looking forward to a few more in my immediate future (thanks Alex and Rob!!).

In-n-Out…. you guys have nothing on Sonic, their HUGE menu and their Girls on Skates!